Process Mapping Methodology

Process Mapping

Process Mapping is a systematic/systems approach in documenting the steps/activities and time required to complete a task.  There are currently many different techniques used to conduct Process Mapping.  This website was created to facilitate Process Mapping by using a technique known as Tagging which is: 1) Simple, 2) Quantitative, and 3) Systematic.  The steps involved in Process Mapping include:

1. Flow Charting
2. Tagging and Examples
3. Analysis
One of the most important results from Process Mapping is the measurement of Manufacturing Cycle Time (MCT).

Manufacturing Cycle Time

DEFINITION: The typical amount of calendar time from when a manufacturing order is created, through the critical path, until the first, single piece of that order is delivered to the customer

Online Process Map Engine

The online process map engine is a web-based program that will allow the user to create a graphical representation of a process map by entering information gathered through a tagging sheet.  The user will be able to track several part numbers throughout their plant or facility and gather real time information on the flow of product through its facility.

The goal of the online process map engine is to provide a simple and standard methodology and tool to conduct process mapping.  This engine will allow the user to 1) Create new process mapping files, and 2) Review previous process mapping data. 

Note to the Manager and Facilitator:

To ensure the success of the process mapping activity, a team meeting is usually recommended to inform all the participating departments and individuals on the process mapping activity that would be taking place.  It is critical to inform everyone about the nature of this exercise to avoid any hard feelings in the future.  Management must be committed to using the information in a positive manner and not just another efficiency evaluation. Tagging should not be used as a time study tool. 

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