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Tagging is the process of documenting every activity that occurs during a process to complete a final task.

Part Tagging Sheet

Part tagging sheets are the document that is used to gather activity information for the tagging process.  If performed correctly, the tagging process gives an accurate snap shot of how a process/task is completed within a factory.  The information that is gathered can give the company many insights to what is happening on the shop floor.  Further analysis can also be performed from this data.

Machine Log Sheet

Machine log sheets are used to document the activities that occur at each work station.  This information can be used to determine the utilization and potential capacity of a work station.

However, some pitfalls to this method are: 1) very impersonal, 2) tagging sheets tend to get "lost".  Management must assure the employees that the information collected are part of a continuous improvement effort and not a "witch hunt".  A commitment must be made to improving processes and not individual efficiencies.

Click on picture to download Part Tagging Sheet

Click on picture to download Machine Log Sheet

Tagging Sheet: What to do?
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1. Determine process start and end points.

Use the flow chart to determine start and end points of the process.  Make sure there is a mechanism in place to gather the tagging sheets when they arrive at the end point of the process.  If a process takes too long to complete, tagging sheets can be initiated at various stages of the process flow to expedite the data collection procedure.

2. Inform all departments involved.

Inform everyone who will be seeing or filling out information on the tagging sheet about the purpose of the tagging sheet exercise.

3. Flow and gather tagging sheets.

The tagging sheet should follow the part or job card through the facility as the part or job is being processed.  Each person who is responsible for processing the job or part will fill out an entry line.  This process will continue until the job reaches the predetermined end point.  To reduce confusion, predetermined activities can be pre-printed on the tagging sheet for people to follow. (Examples)

4. Tagging sheet protection.

A plastic cover (transparency cover) can be used to protect the tagging sheet from lubricants and soil.  This allows the operator to write on the tagging sheet without worrying about damaging the paper.  Tie straps can also be used to attach the plastic covers onto containers for ease of tracking during the factory.

The following tagging sheet has been designed for the tagging sheet process.  The MS Word tagging sheet can be downloaded by clicking on the following icon.

Download Part Tagging Sheet (MS Word)


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