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Analyze the Data

After the information regarding process mapping has been gathered and graphed, the information can be further analyzed to identify opportunities for future improvement.

Some items to consider include:

  • Value Added Ratio (Value Adding Time / Total Time)
  • Total time to days / shifts
  • Total number of individual steps involved (value or non-value)
  • Total number of people/department involved (value or non-value)
  • Distance traveled/Area covered (material handling)
Identify Potential Problem Areas

Potential problem areas can occur at the following locations:

  • Long wait/queue time
  • Long time for any type individual step (why does it take such a long time for processing)
  • Long set up times
  • Large lot sizes (more than what is immediately required)
  • WIP build up
  • Long cycle time (compared to other industries)
  • Large finish goods area
  • High material handling traffic
  • Long distance traveled

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